[Solved] Instance of UIView on iOS

  • Hi all,
    does anyone no if the UIView which I get with:
    QWindowList list = QGuiApplication::allWindows();
    UIView *view = static_cast<UIView *>( QGuiApplication::platformNativeInterface()->nativeResourceForWindow("uiview", list.at(0)) );
    is in a way different than the UIView native Objective-c code expects? Its a valid object but when
    I pass it to a an iOS function as the view paramter I get an exception telling me "unrecoginzed selector".
    Does anyone know whats wrong?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Can you show the code you are using for that ?

  • Hi SGaist,
    found the reason for that. The handler was ok, it was an other parameter i was passing to an ios call which made me believe that this handler was wrong.

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