QProcess with External script that kills the main process.

  • So for my job i'm implementing an automatic update ability to the application.

    Our application versions are controlled via the RPM system. When i run the RPM update command ("rpm -U {rpm file}"), the RPM file kills the current running application process, corrects the applications files / directories / configuration, and moves the new executable and an autostart script restarts the application.

    My current implementation is the following:


    • Receives message that an update is needed
    • Waits for the application to be idle before updating
    • Once idle, sanity checks where the new code is, and that it is applicable
    • Emits a signal caught by a controller to execute the file when idle


    • Receives the signal for update
    • Start script to do the update.

    //Function to call the update script
    void Controller::updateCode(){


    QProcess *process = new QProcess(this);
    QString file = "/home/app/updateScript.sh";

    // bool x = process->startDetached(file, QStringList());
    // bool x = process->startDetached(file);
    int x = process->execute(file);

    DEBUG("START (%d)", x);
    QObject::connect(process, SIGNAL(error(QProcess::ProcessError)), this, SLOT(processError(QProcess::ProcessError)));
    DEBUG("PROCESS STATE (%d)", process->state());



    if [ ! -d "/home/app/installedCode" ];
    echo "Creating /home/app/installedCode directory"
    mkdir /home/app/installedCode

    FILE="$(ls -G /home/app/newCode/)"
    echo $FILE

    if [ -f "/home/app/newCode/$FILE" ];

        MYPATH="$(readlink -f newCode/$FILE)"
        echo $MYPATH
        eval "rpm -U " $MYPATH
        mv "/home/app/newCode/$FILE" "/home/app/installedCode/"

    echo "No file to update"

    Here is the log for the currently attempted process:
    01-19 12:31:07.079 - [controller.cpp:2240] - Simulating SC Update Message
    01-19 12:31:07.079 - [mainwindow.cpp:521] - Got request to update code. Waiting for idle
    01-19 12:31:10.978 - [mainwindow.cpp:514] - System optimal for update
    01-19 12:31:10.979 - [mainwindow.cpp:477] - System idle. Updating code
    01-19 12:31:10.979 - [controller.cpp:1211] - CTRL UPDATE CODE
    01-19 12:31:11.163 - [controller.cpp:1223] - START (0)
    01-19 12:31:11.163 - [controller.cpp:1227] - PROCESS STATE (0)

    The .rpm file is moved from the newCode/ directory to the installedCode/ directory, so i know the script is getting called. But the running application is not getting killed like it should be.

    If i call the updateScript.sh file from the command line on the unit instead of the application, it does exactly what i expect.

    I also tried the process->startDetached() function as you can see where it is commented out. It does the same thing that execute() does.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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    If I understood you correctly, you can emit a custom signal from Controller.cpp once the process completes, catch it in MainWindow.cpp and call close() of MainWindow.cpp.

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    Depending on the application connecting to QApplication::quit will ensure that the application is closing. The quitOnLastWindowClosed flag might be unset so closing windows might not be enough

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