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Qt 5.4 Open Source and Enterprise Embedded

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    I have ARM IMX6 based board. I'm able to compile the Qt 5.4 OpenSource and work on it. It works beautifully. I would like to put the Qt 5.x Enterprise embedded version on ARM IMX6 board. Is there any fundamental difference in the underlying library used for between Qt 5.x open source and enterprise version ?

    Our interest is to go with Enterprise Embedded version(License)

    Any help or pointers would be well appreciated. If somebody has already done this kind of stuff, you can guide us. I'm ok to spend few $$s as well. I don't want to experiment and spend time. Hence the request.

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    No, the same code is used, however you have some additionnal features in the Enterprise edition e.g. QtCharts etc. So what you already did can be re-used.

    AFAIK, getting the Enterprise edition will also entitle you to get help directly from the Qt Company so if problem arises you should get support from there also.

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    You might find the "license comparison table":http://www.qt.io/download/ helpful

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    Thank you Sam and JKSH for the responses. Here is more info about my question.

    1. I don't want to any additional features or support etc from Digia
    2. I have already compiled Qt 5.1/Qt 5.2 and Qt 5.3 and Qt 5.4 on ARM board.
    3. It is working fine.
    4. I am proposing the customer to use the Enterprise version on board.
    5. I would like to put the Enterprise version on the board.

    I have spent lot of time to find out library compatibilities with open Source. If Enterprise Qt uses the same source base, I don't have to spend time again to install the Embedded Enterprise version and find out library compatibility issues.

    I'm reverifying whether moving to Qt Enterprise version is easy one or I have to spending lot of time to findout library compatibilities again.

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    The Enterprise version is fully compatible with the Community (open source) version, as they use the same source base. In other words, the Enterprise version is the Community version plus other features and license freedoms.

    I'm curious though, why have you chosen the Enterprise license?

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    I'm trying to contribute some money to Qt as well :). Customer does not want to risk the licensing issues later.

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