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[solved] Add Qt for android in "normal" (desktop) Qt?!

  • Hi,
    Can I somehow, add the needed components for creating android apps to the "normal" desktop version, or do I have to install Qt for android (from scratch)? If I have to install Qt crator for android then is it possbile to run the desktop version and the mobile version side-by-side?

    Thank You for any replies.

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    Did you use the online installer in the first place ? If so you just need to re-run and it and add the android version of Qt to your installation.

    There's no "Qt Creator for android". It's just Qt Creator and it handles all versions of Qt be it desktop, android, embedded etc. However, you need to provide the needed tools like e.g. the NDK and SDK for android which is a separtate installation.

  • I was watching a guy in Youtube saying Qt creator for android all the time so I thought there may be different creators for different versions.
    Yes, I used the online installer and suspectet that there might be a way to add the the sdk, ndk.... .
    Thank You very much.

    P.S How to mark this as solved? I can't seem to find a solved button or anything?

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    No, the SDK and NDK are provided by Google like Visual Studio is only avaiblabe through Microsoft.

    For the solved part, you need to edit your first post and update the title by hand.

  • Thank You. You're pretty active around here. That's nice of you. :)

  • I know it's solved, but still feeling the need to add. In the near past there were 2 versions of Qt installers available, 1 for desktop only and 1 which contained necessary files to build for Android also, while now they're bundled in one single installer, seeing how the Qt Creator for Android could also build for desktops 2 versions weren't needed.

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    There are still several installers available. You can see them if you click on the "View All Downloads" link. They are separated because some people don't want to do mobile development so it's counter productive to have to download e.g. 1.7GB of data if the 599MB is enough for what you want.

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