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Qt Creator project for compiling Lua

  • I have made this Qt Creator project that is able to compile Lua (5.2.3 and other versions) as static or shared library, interactive interpreter and Lua bytecode compiler. I thought it might be useful to others, so I want to share it with you. Also, I wasn't sure where to post it... I just picked up this section hoping is the right place.

    I have created this work for my own needs because I am a very lazy person, and I hate typing commands in the command line. So this should help anyone like me to ease the Lua library compile process, up to a few clicks.
    This being said, please note that, although I have done a lot of work to make it as flawless as possible, it might not work at all for you. Don't blame me, blame your lazyness, then ask your command line prompt to do the work.

    Please also note that with my work there is no Lua source code included. You will need to get it yourselves from the official website:

    The project has been tested for Lua 5.2.3. Although previous versions of Lua are quite similar to this one and may work just as fine, future versions instead are absolutely not to be trusted to work. In this case you may need to edit this project or even find an alternative to it. For instance, I'm not expecting Lua 5.4 to work.

    Good luck, people!


    The file is hosted on my mediafire account. There is no ad-link behind it and the download package is clean of malware.
    For usage instructions, make sure you check the readme.txt file included in the package


    What? License?!!! Nope.
    This work is absolutely free of any license. You get your hands on: it's yours, do whatever you want. The only thing I ask you(but fully optional), if you find this work useful, remember me when you'll spread word about it :)

    I forgot to say that the compiled files can be found in:
    Shared library (liblua.a and lua.dll):
    Static library (liblua.a):
    Lua interactive interpreter (lua.exe):
    Lua bytecode compiler (luac.exe):

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