Push notifications from server

  • Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew of any sort of tutorials or examples of processing push notifications using QT.

    I've scoured the web for ideas, but haven't turned up anything really very useful at all.

    Anyone find anything helpful out there?


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Between your thread title and your code there's something hat's not clear. What do you mean by "processing push notification", send notification ? Process them on the server ? etc

  • Thanks, and good question, and I guess I wasn't very clear about that.

    I'm trying to process a push notification that has been received on a mobile device from a server.

    Server --> Mobile Device --> MyApp processes notification

    Thanks and I hope that makes more sense!

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    What device are we talking about ?

  • Shooting for both iOS and Android, hence was really hoping for some excellent cross-platform action!

  • Hi Erik,
    we're working on push notifications for Qt across platforms (including iOS & Android) and will release it as a V-Play Qt 5 Plugin in the upcoming weeks.

    You can enter your email address here to get notified when it's finished:


  • I'm trying to get the latest rev of the app out by the new year.

    Are you ready for a beta customer yet?

  • No unfortunately not yet, we expect a release in January or February and are still in the beginnings of implementation & documentation. We'll send an update via the plugin mailing list when it's available.


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