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Basic Question regarding mobile application

  • Hi all,

    I am new to mobile apps. Requirement is I need to send a picture from basic nokia mobiles to my dropbox account.

    Mobile doesn't have internet connection but they sim card with sufficient currency to send sms/mms.

    Is it possible? Any inputs?


  • It's not so basic question :-) ... it's more a general question about the feasibility of an idea. This forum it's about Qt ... you'll be more lucky to get an answer on more general forums.

    However, I know few about SMS and MMS, but I'm quite sure that you cannot directly send via the MMS protocol an image on a Dropbox account.
    Probably you need a server that as a SIM card with a telephone number where you can send MMS and SMS and then the server will forward the content to a dropbox account.

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    Very unlikely without any internet connection. Also, what do you mean by basic nokia mobiles ?

  • @Gianluca, Thank you so much. Do you have any links regarding SMS/MMS server and how to configure? If yes, plz forward.

    Thanks a ton.

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