Static building QtWebEngine for iOS

  • Hi,

    because i need open ssl (QSslSocket) support in my app i had to compile and link Qt statically for iOS.
    This works fine so far.

    Now i want to try to use QtWebEngine. It works locally perfect but for iOS i think i need to compile the module statically, right?

    Is there any documentation on how to compile QtWebEngine statically for iOS?


  • @nando76 did nobody answered ? This is a critical question, as using native WebView has the major problem of overlapping the QML components.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    QtWebEngine will hit the same wall on iOS as QtWebKit: you can't use it by Apple's rules.

    However, there's the QtWebView module that provides integration of the native web views for iOS and Android at least.

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