Limitations with Android and good tutorials

  • Hello everyone,

    I am about to start my PhD thesis, and it will definitely involve mobile development.
    I am wondering whether I could use Qt to do this mobile development. Of course, I will have to do some complex 2D/3D modelling and I would like to be able to use all the features of android mobiles. What I mean is that I don't to realize in the middle ( or worse ) of my project that what I want to achieve cannot be done in Qt. So my question is : are there any limitations to what can be done with Qt for mobile applications? Obviously, it would be great if what I develop can run under iOS and android, but if there are limitations I will stick to java and the android API.

    In the case where there are no limitation, do any of you have good tutorials to get started with mobile development in Qt and how to get into further complex tasks?

    I hope this post will lead to a great discussion on the possibilities offered by Qt for mobile dev.


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    You'll have to define a bit more what you'd like to do. As for advanced graphics you'll have OpenGL ES on android and iOS and the Qt3D module. Beware, it's currently under very active refactoring but getting ready for prime time.

  • Hey,

    Thanks for the answer. I'm basically interested in being able to visualise and interact with complex dataset. The aim is to be able to build a desktop and mobile 3D visualisation of complex 3D data (fluid mechanics, brain images, ...). I would like it to also support marker recognition, that would be great. I know that there are APIs compatible with android development, but I don't know whether they are compatible with Qt.
    Is that precise enough?

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    Then it looks like your going to also be interested in the Scene Graph part

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