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Problem with multithreading in Windows

  • Hello,

    I've recently installed the Qt 5.3 including the MinGW64 4.9.1. Everything works fine, however I can not use the <future> features. I am running Windows 7 and use NetBeans 7.4 IDE for development. Here is the code I am trying to run:

    #include <cstdlib>
    #include <future>
    #include <iostream>

    using namespace std;

    bool is_prime (int x) {
    std::cout << "Calculating. Please, wait...\n";
    for (int i=2; i<x; ++i) if (x%i==0) return false;
    return true;

    int main ()
    // call is_prime(313222313) asynchronously:
    std::future<bool> fut;
    fut = std::async(is_prime, 313222313);
    std::cout << "Checking whether 313222313 is prime.\n";
    // ...

    bool ret = fut.get(); // waits for is_prime to return

    if (ret) std::cout << "It is prime!\n";
    else std::cout << "It is not prime.\n";

    return 0;

    I also set the -std=c++11 -pthread flags when compiling the project. When I run it, it just says run failed (exit value -1.073.741.511).

    Why could be the problem? Thanks for your help in advance!

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