Linguist problem: like to toggle between thai and english by timer trigger. (solved)

  • I would like to toggle between two language by a timer.
    Currently i am not able to display thai language.
    I will be reading xml file using QxmlStreamReader and display on UI.
    I would like to know what did i miss, Because i know i am nearly there

    i am following the link below

    ================================== linguist/hellotr, initially there is only two file & main.cpp

    2.after running “lupdate -verbose
    hellotr_la.ts file is created.

    3.after running “linguist hellotr_la.ts”
    hellotr_la.qm file is created.

    =xml format =============================
    <?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“utf-8”?>
    <TS version=“2.0” language=“th_TH” sourcelanguage=“en_SG”>
    <context> <name>QPushButton</name> <message> <location filename=“main.cpp” line=“63”/> <source>Hello world!</source> <translatorcomment>Orbis, te saluto !</translatorcomment> <translation>Orbis, te Saluto!</translation> </message>

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    Please stop re-posting almost same questions. This subject is already being talked about "here":

    Closing this one.

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