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Error: 'QtWinExtras' is not installed (solved)

  • I downloaded two qt example, Quickplayer and Musicplayer.

    when i run both sample, error shows module "QtWinExtras" is not installed
    and QtWinExtras:No such file or directory.

    can someone direct me to the link on how to get QtWinExtra installed?
    I search and can't find this files in the internet

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    How did you installed Qt ? Online installer ? Offline ? Which version are you using ? On what exact OS ?

  • i am using Qt Creator 3.1.2 (opensource) based on Qt 5.3.1
    My host platform is unix ubuntu
    distributor ID: ubuntu
    Description: Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS
    Codename: precise
    ==SDK download=====================================
    I download it from
    chmod u+x qt-sdk-linux-x86-opensource-2010.04.bin

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    That won't work, you are trying to build a Windows specific example relying on a Windows specific module on linux with a 4 year old SDK

  • please guide me how to install a newest qt SDK or the link on how it can be done... i am a newbie

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    Just grab the SDK from the "download page":

  • So, i presumed the problem below is due to old version of Qtcreator.

    "/home/common/Qt5.3.1/Examples/Qt-5.3/winextras/musicplayer/musicplayer.cpp:45: error: QtWinExtras: No such file or directory"

    Sadly, i cannot change this old version of Qtcreator, because my Qtcreator version has to be in syn with Qt-everywhere for embedded.
    I think i will stop here.

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    It has nothing to do with the version of Qt Creator.

    You are trying to build a Windows (as in Microsoft Windows ™) specific example on Linux. The winextras module is for Windows specific additional classes/helper functions etc. You have the same for OS X/iOS with the QtMacExtras module and for linux it's the QtX11Extras module.

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