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Anfroid apk with Qt 5.3 not signed on Maverics — Possible bug in the IDE

  • On MacOS (Maverics) After a successful deployment on a connected Nexus, I wanted to sign its apk (in release mode).
    Having a valid certificate and with « Open package location… » checked, I pressed Run as indicated in the documentation and also in Qt on Android Episode 3 (Thank you Bogdan V. for all the excellent work!) in verbose mode.

    Actually the process stopped unexpectedly with just a red bar at the bottom right of the screen and absolutely no other information, about what was wrong. Of course none not unsigned apk were created.
    I updated a copy of the same project this time using Windows 7 (Minggw) with exactly the same settings.
    It was not working either, nevertheless they were a message like "System cannot find zipalign.exe ». After some research I was able to « locate » this zip align.exe and move it from inside a folder in Andoid sdk build-tools to folder tools. And it works.
    Doing the same on the Mac led also to the creation of a signed apk.
    On Mac nevertheless (at least for me) there is still a problem : even the *mode is clearly set to « release *» and non debug, the apk which is created has the word debug in its name and finally the Android Play_Store system refuses to accept it. Actually the apk obtained under Windows is created smoothly as « release » and actually accepted by the Play_Store (if interested yoiu can try this app, it has the name Mission100 and is aimed to support mental calculation for 6-8 year kids.

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    Indeed there seems that one or two things are not working as expected. Did you took a look at "bug report system": to see if it's something known ?

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