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QT versions a problem :-(

  • Why aren't the QT latest versions compatible to older versions ?

    I am a C++ developer but a newbie to QT, & it was really very difficult to run the example (version 2.3) 'noteapp' application in QtCreator with latest libraries version 5.3 which i downloaded.

    For being a successful development platform the latest libraries/classes must be compatible to previous versions.

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    Hi, and welcome to the Qt Dev Net!

    Qt promises compatibility across minor and patch versions:

    • Programs written in Qt 4.0.0 will still build and run when you upgrade to Qt 4.8.6 (this is the latest Qt 4 release)
    • Programs written in Qt 5.0.0 will still build and run when you upgrade to Qt 5.3.2 (this is the latest Qt 5 release)

    Furthermore, programs written in Qt 5.0.0 will continue to build and run with all future versions of Qt 5.

    When upgrading between major versions (from Qt 4 to Qt 5, and from Qt 5 to Qt 6), compatibility breaks are made to improve the platform. However, these are very rare. Qt 4.0.0 was released in mid-2005, while Qt 5.0.0 was released in late-2012. That's more than 7 years of compatibility.

    Where did you get the noteapp example from, and what difficulties did you have?

    Note that noteapp is not part of the official examples. You can find official examples in Qt Creator. Open Qt Creator and click on "Welcome" -> "Examples"

  • Thanks for the insite. I tried the examples provided in
    QTCreator >> Welcome after reading your comment.. they look good & run without any problem. Thank you once again :)

    I got the noteapp example on the QT home page( >>Learning Guides

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