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How to install my app android on a Tablet

  • Hello everybody,

    I'm using Qt, i finished to build my first app and after i made a test by running it with the emulator, it's okey.
    But now, i don't know how to install it on a tablet. Can you help me please ?

    Thank you.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Setup your tablet to allow developer mode

    Connect your tablet to your computer

    Select it when you're asked to do so before running your application


  • Thank you SGaist, i'm trying to do all that you said. In the settings's pannel of the tablet, i don't see developer mode in order to enable it.

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    Google is your friend. "Here":

  • After you have deployed the app on the emulator or on a real device using developer mode, you can also install it on other devices by using the
    QtApp-debug.apk installer file
    you will find in YOUR_BUILD_FOLDER/android-build/bin
    (of course only on devices that are configured to allow sideloading).

    At least up to Qt 5.3.1 the name is always QtApp-debug.apk but the manifest inside it contains the actual name of the app and you can rename the .apk so they are the same.

  • Bonsoir L.MCH,

    Ca marche, j'ai arriver a installer et a lancer mon premier appli Qt sur une tablette android. J'avais mi une image sur une forme, ça n'apparait pas. je vais continuer a bidouiller, peutetre voir comment je peux creer une ressource.qrc pour mon appli et mettre l'image.

    A toi aussi SGaist, merci. Le lien que tu m'avais donner est nouveau pour moi et je vais apprendre beaucoup. Je vais me lancer a fond.

    Merci, Si j'ai un souci, je vous contacterai.

    Le Fonseur

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    You're welcome. Please write your question/answer in english, it's the official language of the forum.

    That's said, since you have it woking now, please update the thread title prepending [solved] so other forum users may know a solution has been found :)

  • HAWtttttttttttttttt, i forgot. I wa s so happy. Thank you.

  • Hello L.MCH,

    It's okey now, thank you so much. I instaled it in the tablet. I'm going to create a resource folder and put an image.
    To you also, SGaist, thank you so much. The links that you share with me helped me.

    The solution is :
    Setup the tablet to allow developer mode

    • connect the Tablet with USB cable to the computer

    • I copied the QtApp-debug.apk file from my computer installer file that we can find in YOUR_BUILD_FOLDER/android-build/bin

    • Choose the QtApp-debug.apk in the tablet and install the app by clicking on it

    • restart the computer or not

    • Each time you modify your app in the computer you save it, when you run it, it will run directly in you tablet.

    Good luck to everyone

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