[CLOSED]XAML and CX in Qt for Windows Phone

  • In Windows Phone 8, Microsoft provided a new technique for native development (C++). There are 2 template for native is :

    • Native Only (only use C++) template: this template only use pure C++ with limited access to platform api (C# implementation). It has been only used for game development (with DirectX).
    • XAML + C# + C++ template: with this template, in fact, it is "general Windows Phone template" with XAML for layout, C# for logic processing and C++ for backend heavily processing. Example, the game render would be written in C++ (like native only) but it would be rendered on a control in XAML. MS provided a mechanism for communicate between C# and C++, is "CX" (much like C++.net) and it much like JNI mechanism in Android. CX allows C++ can access C# Platform API, which can't be accessed directly from C++.

    In Qt, when i want to build for Windows Phone, i will create Visual Studio Solution by "qmake" and build it in Visual Studio, but the output solution of it is "Native Only Template", thus i can't write CX and integrated any Ad Banner for my app.
    So, how can i create XAML solution template for Windows Phone??

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    That's a question you should post on the interest mailing list. You'll find there Qt developers/maintainers (this forum is more user oriented)

  • I have already posted to maillist :). I will close this discussion.

  • Hi matdennoigi,

    mixing XAML with Qt on Windows Phone is currently not supported.
    So you can't integrate a XAML-adbanner!
    There were some investigations to make this possible, but I don't know the exact development progress. Hopefully, you can do it with Qt5.4 in October!

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