Qprinter take receipt

  • Hi all,

          I need to take a print receipt. I have one string "hello",,and how to take this value from print receipt using Qprinter,,please give me suggesstion,, Thanks

  • This is my code
    @QESCPOS printer("/dev/ttyUSB0");


    // printer.cutPaper(true, 0);

    /*QList<QImage> l;
    printer.write("Test: 大虾多士\n");
    printer.cutPaper(true, 0);@

    in here i need to display (" Test: 大虾多士\n") in the receipt,,please give me a suggesstion

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    What is QESCPOS ? How is it related to QPrinter ? What do you get ?

    You need to give more informations

  • Hi,
    I have the chinese character problem same like this link "https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-27508": ,, i have the problem same like as the first diagram,,, the chinese characters are ovarlapped in the receipt,,,but it comes correctly in the widget,,,please give me a good suggesstion,,thanks

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    I can't give you any suggestions if you don't answer my questions first

  • Hi,

      Actually QESCPOS is a third party file,,,i just inherit that mt project,,,my problem is I send the chinese character in the Qprinter means chinese characters are not displayed corretly in the print receipt,,,But if i pass the chinese character in the button means it displayed correctly,,,this is the my problem,,,,please give any suggesstion,,,thanks,,

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    Which version of Qt are you using ? If you print ASCII char, does it work correctly ?

  • Hi SGaist,,,I am using Qt 4.8.6,, if i print ascii character means it comes correctly,,, If i print the chinese character means the characters are broken,,

    here is my code,
    @@QString ItemPushButton::name_check(QString str)
    QRegExp [removed]"#([0-9]+);");
    QStringList list,list1;
    int pos = 0;
    int length;
    while((pos = expression.indexIn(str,pos))!=-1)
    list << expression.cap(1);
    QString v;
    length = expression.matchedLength();
    QByteArray ba = v.toUtf8();
    QString str1 = QString(QChar(v.toInt()));
    list1 <<str1;
    pos += expression.matchedLength();
    foreach (QString s, list) {
    str = str.replace("#","");
    str = str.replace(";","");

    foreach (QString s, list1) {
        str = str.append(s);
    return str;


    for example if i send (#26434;) string in this function means it retuns chinese character string,,after that i pass this string to pushbutton means it displayed correctly,,but if i pass the chinese character in Qprinter means the characters are broken in the receipt,,please give me a suggesstion,,Thanks,,

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    Then you should ask the status of this on the bug report

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