Custom QPlatformInputContextPlugin gets not loaded on Mac

  • I have a custom plugin derived from QPlatformInputContextPlugin.
    On both Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) and Mac (Mac OS X 10.9.3) I can build and deploy it. The plugin gets installed into MyQtInstall/plugins/platforminputcontexts/.
    I set env. variable QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS=1 to see debug output.

    On Linux the plugin is loaded as expected.

    On Mac the plugin is not loaded. There is no single message about the plugin.
    If I move the plugin to another plugin-folder (e.g. MyQtInstall/plugins/platforms/) within the debug output I see that the plugin is loaded (but can not be used because it is the wrong subfolder). So it seems the plugin is o.k. but Qt on Mac does not consider plugins/platforminputcontexts/.

    My questions: What is necessary to load a plugin from plugins/platforminputcontexts/ on Mac?

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    Good question, can you share a minimal example implementation to try ?

  • I started with this plugin:

    By the way: On my embedded device, the plugin has to be under /home/plugin/platforminputcontexts.

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    Ok, so the short answer is: currently on OS X there's nothing done to load custom platform input context. So if you think that something you would need, you should go on the "bug report system": and check if this as already been mentioned, if not, you should open a new feature request

  • Hi,

    I am trying to include a custom platform input context plugin( virtual keyboard) for my embedded device. It works on Linux (Ubuntu).

    I am facing the same problem (platforminputcontexts folder not searched for plugins ) on my Embedded device. The QPA platform is wayland. Qt version is 5.3.1. Can you tell me if this is expected? Any chance I could make this work?

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    I've answered on your thread here.

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