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Qt Eclipse Integration iostream unresolved inclusion

  • Hi everyone,
    I'm really new to use Qt Eclipse integration. I have a few C++ files, now I'm put in my Qt/C++ project. However, I get warnning for "#include <iostream>" unresolved inclusion. Isn't there iostream libraries in Qt/Mingw? Would there be an equivalent Qt libraries?

    Also, I remember someone said there is a Qt Eclipse cheat sheet or some sort. Would someone kindly point me where it is?
    Thanks in advance!

  • btw, I'm using Windows vista (32), qt/2010.05 mingw compiler.
    I was thinking if QLibrary would just cover the <iostream>. but if anyone could explain the standard libraries management in Qt/Eclipse integration. that would be much appreciated.

  • here is why:

    do a search on "fstream" or "iostream" and get many hits

    figured out code-tags

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