Qt for developing applications on ARM based processors

  • Hi,

    This may sound as a familiar question.

    I would like to develop applications for an ARM based Touch Panel PC, running on Ubuntu 12.04 operating system.

    I use a laptop running on Ubuntu 12.04, I would like to develop applications on this and then cross-compile for the touch panel PC (ARM based running on Ubuntu 12.04), is this possible with qt creator ?

    Most of my applications would use GUI of some kind, can the GUI (forms etc.) be developed on Qt, or do I need a separate tool for this.

    Please also point me out to a tutorial that would help me setup Qt creator for cross-compiling.


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You should also add which version of Qt you are planning to use on your target as well as what you are going to use to render the graphics (frame buffer, X server, Wayland etc…)

  • I would like to make GUI based applications. The application would contain forms, buttons text boxes and other such components. the application would also communicate via RS 232 port to external hardware.

    I used to develop on Eclipse for beaglebone black computer, but these applications had no user interface.

    I think Qt 5.3 would be suitable for my application..??

    Please advise.

    I have been able to find some information on setting up Qt for cross-compilation for linux ARM based devices.

  • In my work we use Qt 5.2.1, for our hardware based on Nvidia Tegra. Earlier we used Qt 5.0.2 but there wasn't by default QtSerialPort, and in Qt 5.2.1 was added positioning module so we decided to use newer version.

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    This still doesn't answer the main question: what graphic stack are you going to use ?

  • bq. This still doesn’t answer the main question: what graphic stack are you going to use ?bq.

    i was hoping you might advise me on that...


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    So you are asking me to give you advices about development on a board that I know nothing about for a project that I know even less ?

  • The board is ARM based and the operating system is Debian.
    Kindly tell me what other information you need.


  • What board it is? Which processor it has?
    Ok i read email from you, and now i know that it is Beaglebone Black. I don't known how it works for new BBB with Debian (earlier default was Angstrom on internal flash ) because i haven't tested yet, but for Angstrom read this "thread":http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/35542 . Derek Molloy's tutorials are ok but little outdated.

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