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Multi language appplications

  • Hi to all.

    Is there someone that is working or plan to work on multi language applications using qt-linguist ?

  • Yes, there is.

  • Well this thread sound became interesting. I have not a specific question, but I think that one of the characters for a good product is the possibility to be nationalized.

    I appreciated a lot QT-Linguist and I am developing some mobile and desktop project that I will distribute with some base language translation (at least English, Spanish, French, German, Italian). Some of these works are still in progress and one of the questions for which I'm searching answer is if I can finish a project and create the multi-language translation at the end of if the project should necessarily to be set for multi-language support while it is in the design phase (formerly with QT-Linguist for developments done with QT platform).

    And obviously if someone is interested to help me in the multi language design.

  • You can do the translation whenever it suits in the process; updating translations is easy, as you probably know already. Everything you must do to be prepared for multi language support is to wrap your to-be translated strings in tr() and use QString::arg() properly.

  • Thank you very much. As a matter of fact, I'm developing the interface elements under QT, so - I saw what you means about tr() and the translation files etc - I am a little confused on how I can activate these properties inside QML sources.
    I have already tried to convert the command line from Linux that (part of QT-Linguist) create the .ts files from sources but it seems (or I understood so) that works only with C/C++ source code..

  • As far as I know you can translate QML applications too. I suggest searching in the Qt Quick forum, if I remember correctly, this was already asked over there.

  • Thanks you. I check.

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