Creator 3.0.1 IDE stops doing auto-complete when doing mobile app programming

  • I have just been starting to work in QT for IOS. I can get the app to compile and run fine. But one annoying problem that has show up is Creator's IDE now has become a basic word processor. Auto-complete features have mostly stopped working. Many of QT's keywords have stopped being colorized. Help has stopped working as well.

    If I switch over to a project that is supposed to go to the desktop, voila! Everything starts working again. Whats going on?

  • After doing some poking around, I found a post that mentioned the following steps:

    1. Do a clean
    2. Run Qmake
    3. Shut QT down
    4. Deleting the file,
    5. Restart QT, and load the file. Construct a new project.prop.user file.

    I did all these steps, and everything started working.

    This reminds me of what occasionally happens in Xcode. Usually the solution is to delete derived data and restart Xcode.

    Not sure if this is the right answer, but it does appear to have fixed my problem for now.

  • I spoke prematurely. Do the above steps simply switched QT back to compiling for desktop. When I set it to compile to Ios, everything stops working again. If I switch it to compile back to desktop, everything works.

    I guess I can live with that. It sometimes is a pain to always send out to the device. But just wonder if anyone knows if there is something I can do?

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    One thing you can do is check the "bug report system": to see if it's something known.

    You can also try the Qt Creator 3.1 RC1 to see if it works better

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