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New Qt Mobility Authentication API to Geo data providers: Cloudmade

  • Hi All,

    We created new repository with extensible library for MeeGo platform. Repository url: "":

    This library covers:

    • authentication API for geo data providers and API for edit data,
    • ability to dynamically load plugins with implementation of this API for different data sources and
    • implemented plugin for OSM.

    Library provides 3 main interfaces:

    • data source,
    • authorization and
    • connection (network).

    Each interface also provides its signals, e.g. connection state in connection interface, data update in data source. This interfaces can be used for different data sources:

    • OSM (Open Street Map) and other API data providers,
    • databases and
    • even for plain files that does not require authorization.

    Usage example:

    @#include "geosourcelib.h

    Geosourcelib lib;
    GeoSourceInterface *gsi = lib.plugin("osm");
    DataSourcePtr_t dataSource = gsi->getDataSource();
    AuthorisationManagerPtr_t authManager = gsi->getAuthorisationManager();
    ConnectionManagerPtr_t connectionManager = gsi->getConnectionManager();

      // ...
      connect(dataSource, SIGNAL(loadSucceed(dataList_t)), app, SLOT(showDataOnMap(dataList_t)));
      // ...
      connect(dataSource, SIGNAL(removeFailed(dataList_t)), app, SLOT(notifyRemoveFailed(dataList_t)));
      // ...
      connect(authManager, SIGNAL(authorisationFailed()), app, SLOT(showAuthError()));
      connect(authManager, SIGNAL(authorisationRequred()), app, SLOT(showAuthDialog()));
      connect(authManager, SIGNAL(authorisationSucceed()), app, SLOT(updateAuthState()));
       // ...
       connect(connectionManager, SIGNAL(sessionOpened()), app, SLOT(updateConnectionStatus()));
       connect(connectionManager, SIGNAL(sessionClosed()), app, SLOT(updateConnectionStatus()));
       // ...

    Library loads all available plugins from "plugins" dir and allows to get particular plugin by name.

    Now we are working on interfaces simplification, library bug fixing and plan to add support of geo-source-lib to the MapPOI Collector: "":

    Review comment, feedback and questions are very welcome!

    Nataliya Volkanova
    Cloudmade Team

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