Best Linux distribution for embedded applications

  • AM newbie to Qt and linux. In my project my lead decided to use linux based application. I just googled to identify the best linux distribution to use. After one day search i have decided to use Qt5.2 and am yet to finalize the linux distribution.

    Please suggest me which linux distribution to use.

    Best in the sense, help,maintainability, stable and portability.

    Hardware details: i.Mx6X Freescaler Processor consists of Cortex A9.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    People might kill me for this, but I will say Ubuntu: tested by many and has a lot of software readily available.

    For "real" embedded stuff, I think the Yocto/ WindRiver distros are quite good (but require much more Linux know-how than Ubuntu).

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    To help save the life of sierdzio ;)

    "Boot To Qt": is using either Embedded Android or the Yocto Project as a base. You might be interested by these.

  • For my job I use Debian 5, 6, 7 on intel and now Debian 7 on arm.
    Raspberry and others vendors sell the their own devices with Debian 7 already installed.

  • With the above discussions i feel with debian distribution is best compared to other.....thanks for your help:-)

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