Android qt 5.2 strange issues

  • I'm porting an app that I wrote in qt 4 for symbian to android in qt 5.2

    I've this issue:

    //class GOOFY
    private int _a;
    private slot mySlot();
    private f1();
    private f2();
    private fn();

    if I use _a in the functions f1(),f2(),..,.fn() I've not problem
    but when I try to to read _a in mySlot() (that is called by a signal emitted in another object) the value of _a is pratically random.

    What is it?

  • Maybe I've found the problem....does connect begin synchronous in qt5?

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    What do you mean by synchronous ? Are you using multiple thread ?

    Can you show how you use your code to get that result ?

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