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TagLib in QtCreator for Android

  • Hello,

    This might not be the right place to ask this question, but I'll try it anyway, because somebody might have done this before and give me the advice.

    i'm working on a music player for tablets/phones. I created it already some years ago using Python + Qt4. I'm now rewriting it to C++ and Qt5, because PySide development is stalled and Python support on Android is still experimental.

    So I now have a first version which is working fine on Linux and Windows. I would like to port it to Android too. But I'm using TagLib to read tags from files and I don't know how should I include this library in my application. Could anyone help me with it? What is the right way of doing it?

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    IIRC, from Qt Creator you can add libraries in Project -> Run -> additional libraries

    Hope it helps

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