QT PushButton freeze problem

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    I have a small problem with the Push buttons on the QT. If I have a for() loop or do while logic under the push buttons, the cursor is freezing while the logic is not completely executed.


    @private slots:
    void on_pushButton_clicked ();
    void on_Blower_ON_Button_pressed();
    int on_Blower_OFF_Button_clicked();@

    With the for() loop cursor is available after it executes all logic inside the loop.

    @void MainWindow::on_pushButton_2_clicked()
    for (int i=0; i<7;i++)


    But when I have a do while, it freezes completely making it infinite loop

    @void MainWindow::on_Blower_ON_Button_pressed()

    }while (on_Blower_OFF_Button_clicked());


    Do I need to initialize the buttons in other way, or is the a specific functions that I need to call to make the buttons non blocking elements.

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    It's your while loop that freezes everything. Do you really need that ? What do you do in that loop ?

    Also note that slots don't have return values.

  • Yes, do while loop freezes the cursor and program itself. I cannot click any other push button. My idea in this is that I have an on button (with do while loop inside ) and off button to stop doing what it was doing.
    Do while loop is required to make a motor running, because I need to send the same hexadecimal value every 40ms.

    Is it better instead of do while achieve the same result with the interrupts or make a parallel routine?

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    Way simpler: use either a QTimer or the timerEvent from your widget.


    configure the timer to use a 40ms interval

    connect the QTimer timeout signal to a custom slot sending the value

    connect your start button to the QTimer start slot

    connect your stop button to the QTimer stop slot

    No loop needed

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