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Using the advanced certification right now

  • Vladimir,
    some of us already know that we passed one or both of the advanced certification exams.

    Can you give a short statement if it is possible to use the advanced certification in CVs or social networks like Xing or LinkedIn before we receive the official certificates?

    If yes, do you have an official labeling that we should use?

  • I - for one - already do. I am working on finding a new job, and this is an important item on my resume. Still, I'd like to get an official statement as well.

  • I think for both of you a link in the CV to this forum (possible other C++ or Qt communities where are you active) values more than that certification.

    Nevertheless i hope you get your certification soon.

  • Folks, nothing prevents your to say that you had passed those and those exams. It is a fact which is hard to change ;-) And, BTW, this fact proves your knowledge almost the same way good as if there was a title in addition. There are not that many other people who can match this! Yes, we also said that we are going to introduce a new designation - "Nokia Certified Qt Specialist". This is not done yet though, but we are working on it. Since is not out yet, it is not that firm. It is official when it is done. I hope you understand my rational, I think it is in your benefit at the end.

  • Thank you for the clarification, Vladimir. So I'll use the "Nokia Certified Qt Specialist (C++)" for now and change it once we have the official certificate.

    And again, thanks for launching the certification program. Despite all the anger about the WP7 move, I'm convinced that neither the exam nor the certificate will be worthless in the future. It proves the advanced knowledge you have on these topics (C++, Qt), and that stays. Qt is not only a mobile platform - let's do not forget this! Au contraire, I'm sure the exam will be well received at least in the desktop world!

  • Cool! Thanks for the praise! :-) Glad to hear this!

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