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Qt Mobility Tech Preview - Maps and Navigation API

  • Welcome to the Maps and Navigation API forum on DevNet.

    The Maps and Navigation API is among the most recent being developed under the Qt Mobility program. It allows developers access to mapping, routing and geocoding services via a cross-platform API, and comes with a plugin which can be used to access the corresponding Nokia services. Our intent is to share our work in progress with you and listen to your comments on this forum in order that we strive to build the best possible solution.

    Today’s release shares our “Technology Preview” package of the new APIs planned for the Qt Mobility 1.1.0 release, including the Maps and Navigation API. Qt Labs will still be used to communicate the availability of new packages, but DevNet is where you will have the opportunity to review and comment on the API, and share information with other developers about the API.

    The Maps and Navigation API is still under active revision and development so feel free to provide any feedback or comments you feel will help improve the API or to ask about the directions we'll be taking the API between now and the final release.

    Welcome to the forum, we look forward to your comments and contributions in the development of the new Qt Mobility Maps and Navigation API.

    Kind regards,
    Qt Development Team.

  • Hello,

    Is there a type with the QGeoSearchManager on this "page": In particular, it says "The geocode(QGeoAddress), geocode(QGeoCoordinate) and placeSearch() functions return QGeoSearchReply objects, which ..."

    Shouldn't one be geocoding and the other reverse geocoding?


  • It's not a typo, but it's not correct either - it's already on our list of things that need changing.

    The function that does reverse geocoding will be renamed to reverseGeocode soon.

  • QGeoMapObject contains QGeoBoundingBox, but class does not have setter for the QGeoBoundingBox ! Also in the QGeoMapObject has the following comment "/ TODO selection and selectability?" Is there any timeschedule when this functionality would be added to class ?

  • The subclasses of QGeoMapObject set the bounding box per object. In the case of nested QGeoMapObjects the bounding box will be the union of parent bounding box and the bounding boxes of all of the children.

    I'll probably be adding the selection code today or tomorrow as part of the QML support.

  • Hi , I 'm curious to know if QGEoMapWidget will be based on OVIMap on Nokia Symbian device ?

  • The API is plugin based and will come with a Nokia / Ovi services based plugin which is platform independent.

  • super

  • Is it tile based or OviMaps based?

  • It's tile based and online only (from the Ovi tile based services) for the first release, and we hope to add support for vector based / offline mapping in the next release.

  • I believe the most great/killer feature of a maps API will be to access it offline...

    And, afaik, nokia is the only "big player" capable of build it.

  • I agree. I'm looking forward to getting offline support working and seeing what the application developers do with it.

  • It seems that currently there is no control when to start/stop downloading online maps at qgraphicsgeomap

  • That's correct. The current plugin is for online maps - if you're viewing the map you're probably downloading map data (unless it's already been cached).

    Do you have a use case for when someone might want to control the downloading for an online map viewer? Up until now I've been assuming that anyone using a map viewer with an online maps data plugin would be fine with handing control of when the downloading occurs to the viewer and/or the plugin.

    There are some cache control hints you can give via parameters for the plugin - we'll document those properly once we sort out the naming and a few other issues.

  • What's the right way to add images on a map ? (like I do for "Lugdulo'V":, with qmapcontrol).

    Should we use "QGeoMapObject": ) with the "Marker" type ? Then how can I set a pixmap ? Or maybe a new QGeoMapPixmap class comming ?

  • There is a QGeoMapPimapObject in the master branch of the git repository that will add images to a map.

    Quite a few new classes are coming :)

  • Cool, that should fills my needs. Thanks !

  • [quote author="danilocesar" date="1283382576"]I believe the most great/killer feature of a maps API will be to access it offline...

    And, afaik, nokia is the only "big player" capable of build it.[/quote]

    Yes, offline access would be a killer feature. Are there any plans

  • Is it possible to create desktop application ( for windows7) using the maps API ?

    I want to create one map application for windows7, which can show maps of variouse cities , calculate route, also I need to get exact co-ordinates for each point in the map.

    is it possible using Qt maps api ? or is it like Qtmobility APIs will work only in devices ?

  • Yes, you just need to build QtMobility for windows and it will work like it does on Linux.

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