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Standalone embedded Qt app without Linux?

  • I had a discussion recently on how to implement a GUI on an embedded platform I'm designing. One interesting idea was to port Qt to run standalone on the ARM MCU. How hard would this be and what would I need to rewrite an and/or implement? What would the hardware requirements be? In terms of flash space and CPU speed. I was looking in to Cortex-M4 MCUs. I'm going to use a 800x480 graphical color LCD screen.

    I would not want to use Linux because I feel that is a bit bloaty for a simple GUI. Maybe some RTOS in maximum.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Qt requires an OS for e.g. hardware/process handling, io management etc.

    You have a variety of OSes to chose from (e.g. VxWorks/QNX/Linux) But why not use Linux ? You don't need to run a full debian system to run your Qt application. You can use projects like OpenEmbedder/Yocto to build minimal systems for your purpose.

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