[qt + irrKlang.dll] problem with linking external library

  • Hi!

    I'm linking library irrKlang avaliable there: http://www.ambiera.com​/irrklang/downloads.html (ver 1.4.0b)
    I'm using compiler: msvc2010 and qt Creator 4.8.1

    The .rar package provides few files with different extensions (.def, .a, .lib, .dll).

    I linked *.h file, and in .pro file I added line:
    LIBS += "...\irrKlang.lib"

    Program is compiling, but when I try to execute any function from irrKlang lib, program stops with error code:

    Code: C++
    irrklang::ISoundEngine * engine;
    engine = irrklang::createIrrKlangDevice();

    With commented second line program compiles and works stable.

    What could be a reason of that strange behaviour?
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    This error means a dll can't be found. Either ensure that irrKlang.dll can be found in your PATH or copy it beside your executable.

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