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Reg: QT version not properly Installed

  • Hi,
    I am working on QT with IMX Freescale processor and Linux OS. When i select the qmake file from /home/vishva/Desktop/L3.0.35_4.0.0_130424_source/yes/ltib/rpm/BUILD/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.6.0/bin
    I am getting following warning" QT version not properly Installed, please run make install"

    Am i selecting the wrong qmake file??

    Kindly advice.. I am stuck with this for more than a week.

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    When you built Qt 4.6 did you do a "make install" afterward ?

  • Yes, My ltib does that for me... attached In-line partial qt-embedded.spec file from LTIB

    ./configure --prefix=$RPM_BUILD_DIR/../../rootfs/usr/local/Trolltech -embedded arm -xplatform qws/linux-g++-mx -release
    -qt-gfx-linuxfb -qt-kbd-tty -qt-mouse-tslib -little-endian -host-little-endian -fontconfig -sm -v -opensource -confirm-license $XTRA_OPTS



    install -d $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{pfx}/usr/local/Trolltech
    install -d $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{pfx}/usr/lib

    cp -a demos $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{pfx}/usr/local/Trolltech
    cp -a examples $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{pfx}/usr/local/Trolltech
    cp -a lib/* $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{pfx}/usr/lib

    export PATH=$SPOOF_PATH

    rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT

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    Then try using the qmake that is found in the RPM_BUILD_ROOT

  • /home/vishva/Desktop/L3.0.35_4.0.0_130424_source/yes/ltib/rpm/BUILD/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.6.0/bin/qmake

    i tried using qmake from rpm/BUILD only... It shows "QT version not properly Installed, please run make install”

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    Thus, did you point Qt Creator to the qmake binary in the folder bin folder underneath $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{pfx}/usr/local/Trolltech/ ?

  • There is no qmake binary in /usr/local/Trolltech/...
    qmake is only available in

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    Then you need to call make install in order to get your Qt version up and running. It's been configured to be installed not used in-place

  • I doubt it.. because my LTIB uses the same qmake and cross compiles for my arm arch. When i use QT creator i gt the error.. :-(

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    Did you check your computer /usr/local/Trolltech or the $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{pfx}/usr/local/Trolltech/ ? It's the second one is important

  • Hi,
    I checked at /home/vishva/Desktop/L3.0.35_4.0.0_130424_source/yes/ltib/rootfs/usr/local/Trolltech
    there is only demos and examples in there... no qmake...

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    Ok, then using the qmake you've have configured in Qt Creator, what does qmake -query return ?

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