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  • Our company was founded in 2009. We're VPN services provider which is
    called Wi-Free ( With the help of Wi-Free software our
    users receive the service of data exchange between their client
    equipment and any other host in the internet through one of our servers.
    Wi-Free is based on the unique and original proprietary protocol
    developed by us which works over all known protocols: TCP, UDP, ICMP and

    To know more about our company, please click here ->* *

    Hours: Full time / Flexible
    Onsite: no (remote)
    Terms of employment: Salaried employee
    Hours: Full time
    Pay rate: $25-30k per year
    Length of employment: 1-3 years


    We're looking for C++/Qt5/GUI Software Developer experienced with
    Android to develop our VPN client on that platform as sole developer.

    Protocol and network libraries are developed by current team.

    Your main responsibility is development of interface and network configuration of
    the software on Android using Qt5/C++ and JNI calls.

    You should have at least 5 years experience with C++, preferably in a
    Linux environment.

    Required skills:
    Qt5, Qt4, C++, GUI, C, Android NDK, JNI calls, Makefiles, Git, bash

    This is a full-time, remote working role.

    Please forward your updated CV to:
    Livie Glay, Hiring Manager

    [Edit: Fixed URL to remove * from the link; mlong]

  • Sounds interesting, but I think this is below the average salary for this responsibility.

    On a second thought, it may be a good salary for a Qt/C++ hacker in a cheap country. Is there any location restriction or the candidate can be from any country?

  • Thank you for your statement stint. We have good line ups now and they are really good.

  • If you can't afford to pay more, at least state that it is a half-time (or less) job.

  • @Exim: the advertisement writes that it is a full time job, not half-time or less. This is not a good paying country salary naturally, but there are good Qt developers in countries where it is probably acceptable.

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