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Qt in library development

  • Hiall,

    I represent a library focused on development towards a new main library in Oslo, Norway.
    We're looking for independent developers and communities with various expertise on toolkits.

    In a public computer setting we're using an open source patron system,, but the main developer is changing from php/gtk to c++/qt4 and needs assistance. Also we want to test out frameworks to present digital content on touch/multitouch/smartphone/infoscreens. Perhaps a hyperbolic tree on our catalog annotated with semantic information and enriched by user comments, reviews, etc. from Drupal/Sopac. Perhaps digital book collections geotagged and read in sensory armchairs giving minute associative information as the reader flips the pages.

    Ideas, comments and willing contributors are very welcome!

    Open source and semantic info is the core focus.

    Benjamin Rokseth
    IKT Consultant
    Oslo Public Library

  • Moderators

    So just to clarify: This is a library as in "a place with lots of books", not a library as in "a piece of reusable code"?

  • Yes, indeed a cathedral of books. The new building will be less books and a lot more screen, but still some 500k of the hardbacks.

  • 500k books? Oslo is a small town, isn't it? My advice: Don't cut on well educated librarians. Those are more important than computers. What I'm missing most here in German libraries is well functioning tagging and grouping of books. I love to pick books by hand, can't stand robotic storage. When it comes to tagging it should match words in a tolerant manner (Ngram based). Please also open the service by the means of a web service to the out-side. If you just make the raw data available everybody could write its own search engine on top.

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