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Android Deployment

  • Hello everybody.. i have problems with deploying my project in android. The project description is :
    Subprojects1,2,3 are only libraries. Subproject 4 is the executable. When i am Running for Desktop i can select the project to run. How can i do that in android?
    Now it creates only MainProject-debug.apk which cannot execute.

  • I think nobody will answer... usually nobody answers about android support... don't know the reason.. is it secret ?

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    Maybe because you're the first using this kind of project setup ? Qt 5 android support is fairly new so there are not as much user having experience with it as with desktop environment.

  • "which cannot execute" is like the worst error message that you can give. Give a proper error message + some logs from ADB and we could maybe help.

    Also, what do you expect? Do you really think that there is always someone answering within 1 hour?

  • hello thanks for your answer. i will show what is the exact error..

  • Okay.. I will tell you more information now. I have setup my tool chain for a very simple project and it runs successful. So the tool chain is not the problem. I have a ready made project which consisted of 5 subprojects. In windows i select the sub project 3 that is the executable and run ok (in windows). When i compile the project for android it compiles successful. Although it compiles successful it can not run. Instead of creating the subproject3.apk it creates the file MainProject.apk which in general can not run. Except from that i take the following issue when trying to deploy : Cannot find ELF information. The main question is that how can i select the sub project 3 to be created as subproject3.apk ?
    The structure of the project is at follows.

  • I have another example to tell you about that. In that path C:\Qt\Qt5.1.1\5.1.1\mingw48_32\examples\gui there is a project with subprojects. I compiled it with Qt for android successful. When i am trying to run it creates a file gui-debug.apk wich cannot be executed obviously because only the subprojects include executed source code. So even the examples are not working if we don't find a solution about that.!

  • I know that Qt is in first steps for android but this functionality is too basic. To select the project to execute.!

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