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Qt SDK 1.1 Technology Preview released

  • [quote]With great excitement to announce the immediate availability of the Qt SDK 1.1 Technology Preview that supports mobile and desktop platforms. The new SDK is a merge of the Nokia Qt SDK 1.0 and the last Qt SDK, based on Qt 4.7.

    The target of the Qt SDK 1.1 is to easily get started with Qt Quick development on Symbian, Maemo5 and the desktop. Specifically this means

    • Qt Creator 2.1RC, which includes the first iteration of tooling support for Qt Quick. For all details, check our latest post about Qt Creator
    • Qt 4.7.1 for Symbian (Symbian^1 and Symbian^3) is bundled in the toolchain and is also available as sis packages to install on your phone.
    • Qt Mobility 1.1 for Symbian targets (both Symbian^1 and Symbian^3) adding many new features and fixes
    • The N900 target allows development with Qt 4.7
    • Qt Simulator uses Qt 4.7.1 as well as Qt Mobility 1.1 as a basis for development
      More info on "Qt Labs Developer Blog ":

  • Hurray!!

    Finally it's released.

  • [quote author="QtK" date="1295549648"]Hurray!!

    Finally it's released. [/quote]

    Nope. It's "only" a tech preview. There will be at least a beta and a release candidate before the final release if the Trolls follow the usual release policy.

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