[iOS] Use multimedia module

  • Hi,

    now that i got first small examples running i wanted to try to port an existing project. I know the multimedia module is not supported by the built based on 5.1. Hence i cloned this repository: git://gitorious.org/qt/qt5.git.
    Small projects run without problems, then i went on to existing ones.
    I built qtbase and qtmultimedia, afterwards i generated the xcodeproject which also went fine.
    But when i try to compile the project in xcode it says it can't find AppKit and QtKit.
    Then i tried another project which uses qtwebkit. Already while running make in the qtwebkit directory (after running qmake) it now says:
    @ld: framework not found AppKit@

    What is missing on my installation?

    Thank you.


    Edit: AppKit is present on my machine and located at System/Library/Frameworks/AppKit.framework

  • AppKit is an OS X framework. You can't use it in an iOS app. Check that you have compiled Qt5 modules for iOS target. I have compiled qtmultimedia module for iOS simulator, but my application does not find the required libraries for this module at run time. I don't know yet how to solve this issue.

  • I'll compile again and exra check the compiler setting.
    The output of the make command complains about "The version of Xcode installed on this system is not recognized - custom compiler settings may be necessary". I think this is due to Xcode 5 which was released just 2 weeks ago.
    But whats a bit strange then is the fact, that simple applications run on ios simulator.

  • Ignore the "Xcode is not recognised" message, no custom compiler settings are necessary for Xcode 5.0.

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