No valid kits found when creating android application

  • I have latest qt creator and qt sdk for android, I configured the creator by putting the paths for android sdk ndk and ant. When I create a new mobile application, it gives me this message "No valid kits found", However it has some kits "image for kits here":
    Someone please help me to create an empty android app, just to see that everything works fine and I can continue with android development.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Maybe a silly question, but, did you also install a Qt for Android package ?

  • Hey, thanks for the reply.
    I am a PyQt developer and trying to learn android development with Qt. I downloaded "Qt 5.1.0 for Android (Windows 32-bit, 716 MB)" and installed it. Then I downloaded "android sdk (from android developers site)", "android ndk" and "apache ant" and put paths to these packages in Qt Creator's Tools > Options > Android window. That's all I did. Am I missing any package on my computer? if yes, please guide me as I am new to Qt Creator and Android.

  • When creating a new project, don't choose "Mobile Qt Application" but instead choose "Qt Quick 2 Application (Built In Elements)". You can see that Android is listed in Supported Platforms in the right box of the wizard dialog.

    This has worked for me. I guess it's a bug in QtCreator...

  • I have the same problem here buddy, if you found a solution to yours please write it here

  • Ok, just another step… to be sure you did everything well.
    When you download the android sdk … the installer of the 'sdk' does not install anything ! Yep… it's true.
    What you need to do after, is to run the "android" manager. You found it into the /path/to/sdk/tools/android
    When you run it, it appear a list of available developer packager organized on the basis of the Android version and API level you want to develop for.
    Select and install some of these (like API 19, API 10).

    After that, try to reopen the Qt creator and set the sdk and ndk path, now it should see that there is some kits.

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