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[SOLVED] Compile or download for QtSerialPort

  • Hi

    I'm trying to build a project for an embedded linux device. But i get not found. i'm using qt 4.8, can i download the file somewhere, or can i compile it manually?

    any help is appreciated.



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    First result of a google search is "this":

  • Hi SGaist

    I had a look at the link before I posted, but couldn't get the build going, that's what i'm having problems with. it works on my desktop but it fails on my embedded device because it cant find this library.

    Maybe i'm doing something wrong, don't know, but I open the serialport project and go build. have you build this project before, or what do you use for serialports?

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    • What's your building error ?
    • What's your target processor ?

    If your target uses the same process type (i.e. x86) you can copy* to the right place on your device (i.e in the same folder of your Qt installation)

    Currently I use my own implementation based on libftd2xx (the device I connect to are only using ftdi chips).

  • Hi

    Only now had the time to come back to this issues.

    I'm trying to compile it for a ARM mini2440. I built it for my host machine and it works create.

    the error I'm getting is about <QtSerialPort/QserialPort> not being found.

    I followed the qmake then make then make install. Not sure how to compile and install it for a mini2440, would appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction.


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    The same as for your host machine but using the qmake built for your Qt arm version.

  • thank you for your reply.

    i used the qmake for my arm, but then when i run make, i get the following:

    :42:25: fatal error: QtTest/QtTest: No such file or directory

    i think this is the unit test project, but not sure where its supposed to be.

    any idea?

  • eventhough it threw an error on QtTest, it looks as if the projects were built, but i still need to understand why its looking for QtTest.

    I appreciate your help.

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    AFAIK it should have been built & installed when you cross-compiled Qt

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    As you said, it might be the tests from QtSerialPort. You can grep through the sources to find which files include QTest

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