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Direct FB embed widgets

  • Hi,
    i tried to find out embed widgets in direct fb , but could not succeed.
    i know how to do it in X11, does dfb has any difference w.r.t embed widgets.

    any help is greatly appreciated.

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    What do you mean by embed widgets ? Using the same program you made for X11 but on DirectFB ?

    If that's the case (and short version), you have to compile QtEmbedded (Qt compiled with -embedded option) and have the DirectFB gfx plugin also built.

    Recompile your application using the newly built qmake and start it with -qws as parameter.

    For more information have a look at the "embedded": documentation

    Hope it helps

  • Thank you very much for the reply :)

    What i exactly mean is , we have QX11EmbedWidget and QX11EmbedContainer for handling the windowing functionalities. what are the equivalent functions to achieve the same or can i use them on DFB.
    first of all i am very much new to X11,DFB environments and Qt as well, and wanted some examples or references .

    Thanks for the link provided, i will go through it.

    if possible please provide any other links whcih explains well about X11 and DFB stuff with Qt.

  • please some one reply.

    is that really stupid questions i am asking or forum is busy for reply.
    i am sorry if it is a stupid question , but i am very much new in Qt and other stuff.

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    AFAIK, X11 has a DirectFB backend so you can use X11 directly.

    You might also want to try "QWSEmbedWidget":

    Hope it helps

  • i hope it will do ..thanks a lot for your time. :)

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