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[not paid] Open source SWF/flash editor help request

  • Hi all, i've started some month ago a project regarding SWF and flash developing tool, the project started because on web there aren't any good free flash/SWF editor like Adobe one or Sothink one. Unfortunaly i've started programming in c++ along with the project. Now i'm at a dead line and i need help for developing this.

    I'm using the QGraphicsview frameworks to accomplish this. every one is welcome to continue with me the project.

    this are the tasks to be done:

    • finishing the ui ( icon and other tools that come with the developing)
    • managing the graphics items transformation via handler (resizehandler or something similar)
    • better Nurbs, spiline network and predefined shapes definition (lines and quad is almost complete, are missing ellipse, round rect)
    • video items
    • text items
    • picture items
    • the classical SWF/flash timeline for animation
    • animation
    • SWF library
    • exporting/importing SWF
    • open and saving files
    • completing action script editor(auto completer and other little stuffs)
    • adding more items modeling tools
    • fixing up the nurbs control points

    The Qt library version is the 4.7.4 (minggw)
    at the moment there is no code repository on the web.
    The programs is mostly inspired by SWF quicker by sothink and some ui elements from inkscape.

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    You've asked for help to do LOTS of things. That's perfectly fine, but if you want to attract interest and confidence, you'll need to provide more information about yourself and your project :)

    What is your background/experience? Of the remaining tasks, which are the ones that you can/can't complete yourself? What are your goals and your vision? I found some free and/or open source SWF editors (e.g. ); what will yours offer that those don't? Why should someone join you on this project? How will you manage this project? How can people help if there's no online repository?

  • Hello!
    As a i said i've starting programming c++ along with the starting of the project, so there is no much to say about me, I know a bit of python and pascal. Instead before starting a huge task like this, i've searched on the web a SWF editor, and the link you posted is one of i've already visited. The programs in the page ,two are only action script editors(so there are no images editor) SWF quicker isn't free but it cost 30$ i think... Ajax instead it's only visual you can't do actionscript. the other are library or compiler for actionscript and SWF. if you search better the only "complete "free available is this "Vectorian giotto": it give image editor and actionscript editor. The problem of this program is that is bugged as no one... You can write actionscript but you can't compile it and i think it have problem on exporting the alpha value of images in the swf files. So the program is good for simple banner animation, nothing more.

    SWF quicker is the best choice, i've tried it and it's very cool but it cost(lower respect the adobe one, 30$ vs.700$), but it's always a cost.

    So the purpose of my program is to give a complete suite for developing SWF and flash(from action scripting to image editor) for free and with the benefits to be opensource( a community that will work on the code to improve it and other thing like that).

    However before subscribing here i've tried to do the main task, but still missing the 50% of the program.. the task i've posted up, some are quite to work for me other are more difficult and this were i need help. Since i never do a programming school the code i wrote until now it's probably a mess but it work.

    And the reason for no code repository is because it requires another subscription, so before do a things that maybe it will not take place, i've decide to recruiting people.

    unfortunaly i'cant upload files so if some one want, i'll send to him the compiled version of my program to check it out what i've done. However if some one need more info ask me and i'll be happy to answer to any question!

  • Doesn't sound like a fruitful endeavor to me, an easy visual HTML/JS editor alternative to flash would attract more interest for sure. And it will be much easier to implement, development and legally wise.

  • Developing a tool like this costs months, years! to do properly. The software may cost real money, but your time spent writing a new one will cost more :)
    Also notice that there are a dozen flash editors available already, most of them free download. Maybe its better to see if any of those can use your help instead of starting over?

    It will likely be a really fun project to hack on, and maybe you can keep in mind the idea from other commenters that Flash has been deprecated by Adobe and things like html5 and QML are set to replace it.
    So here is an idea; you might enjoy working on the QML editor (as part of creator) just as much, with the results being used longer and by more people :)

  • I know, but i started this project because i need a graphic flash editor for game developing(Unreal engine make use of flash for UI development) and there are lot of people that would like to see a free flash editor to use for this purpose. Also making is costing so if there are more free tools it's better.

    However I perfectly know that maybe i'll spent our and neurons :D for this, but it's an It's not a problem

  • I've finally published the code on sourceforge

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