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[Solved] Error creating the package

  • A few hours from the deadline for submitting my app, my project is now ready to rock and .... I am stuck :(
    From "here ": I trying to creat a package, I copy the and bar-descriptor.xml to host..../bin directory, for simplicity, and got an error:

    @joao@joao-EasyNote-TM86:~/bbndk/host_10_0_9_404/linux/x86/usr/bin$ ./blackberry-nativepackager -package bar-descriptor.xml
    Error: Invalid asset path "MathGraphica"@

    here's my bar-descriptor.xml:

    @<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' standalone='no'?>
    <qnx >
    <description>Advanced scientific calculator with 3D graphs</description>
    <publisher>Joao de Deus</publisher>
    <copyright>COPYRIGHT 2013</copyright>
    <env value="app/native/imports" var="QML_IMPORT_PATH"/>
    <env value="app/native/plugins:/usr/lib/qt4/plugins" var="QT_PLUGIN_PATH"/>
    <env value="app/native/lib:/usr/lib/qt4/lib/" var="LD_LIBRARY_PATH"/>
    <action system="true">run_native</action>
    <!-- PROJECTPATH should point to the project binary, path can be relative -->
    <asset type="Qnx/Elf" path="MathGraphica" entry="true">PROJECTNAME</asset>
    <asset path="/home/joao/qtBlackBerryProjects/MathGraphicaOpenGL/images/calculadora.png">calculadora.png</asset>

    Calling for help to some nice souls here in forum before I turn panic mode on :)

  • I changed

    <asset type="Qnx/Elf" path="MathGraphica" entry="true">PROJECTNAME</asset>
    <asset type="Qnx/Elf" path="MathGraphica" entry="true">MathGraphica</asset>

    still got the same error

  • The line:
    <asset type=“Qnx/Elf” path=“MathGraphica” entry=“true”>MathGraphica</asset>
    refers to your app executable. You're telling the packager there is a file named MathGraphica in the current directory (~/bbndk/host_10_0_9_404/linux/x86/usr/bin) which is used to launch the app. I doubt you compiled the app in this bbndk directory, so "cd" to where your compiled executable is, copy the bar-descriptor.xml file there, and re-run the same command.

  • I got it working like you said.

    @joao@joao-EasyNote-TM86:~/qtBlackBerryProjects/MathGraphicaOpenGL-build-Blackberry-Release$ ./../../bbndk/host_10_0_9_404/linux/x86/usr/bin/blackberry-nativepackager -package bar-descriptor.xml@

    Thank you very much.

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