Integrating the logins of,bug tracking site,

  • Hi,

    I am constantly using these three (,bug tracking site, sites and each time I have to provide my username and password individually for each site.
    Would not it be great if all of the three sites will use the same information to recognize the user just like and
    It will also save great amount of time for new joiner as they will need to register once.


  • Hi, proper single sign-on is our holy grail and we have taken one step now (OpenID for log in in after sign-up, you can use your Google OpenID) and plan to support Ovi accounts, also known as "Nokia Accounts": It's not true single sign-on but once registrations are done you're good to go with minimal fuss. supports OpenID as well.

    And more to come :)

  • Update: Our bug-tracking site plans to support OpenID as well.

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