SSH Support in QT 4.5.3

  • I am attempting to compile together a standalone Utils library (which has SSH/SCP/SFTP support) from QT Creator 2.4 source to use in 4.5.3 in a VS2005 environment. My application needs to switch from QTelnet and QFtp to SSH and Scp/SFtp. I've got botan and the a stripped down Utils library with only SSH stuff in the project. The major problem I'm running into is the QScopedPointer, the documentation for 4.5.2 has it in it, but a line on the top of the page says it was introduced in 4.6. So why are they including the class description in the document for 4.5 and it isn't in there? I've tried including the QScopedPointer to my QtCore include directory and copied the QTCore dll's in (backed up the originals) but I get compilation errors that it doesn't know what the QScopedPointer is. Any ideas of a simpler path as I don't want to do major surgury to my QT Core. Thanks in advance for any help.

  • I found that 4.5.3 source does have QSharedPointer, but the distribution of 4.5.3 that was installed on my PC does not have it.

  • Disregard the last reply

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