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Digia Has Contributed over 200 Desktop and Embedded Error Corrections to Qt 4.8 in the Past 6 Months

  • I was looking through our statistics and noticed that we have contributed over 200 error corrections for Qt 4.8 in the past 6 months. We are working hard to improve Qt Commercial to meet the needs of our customers and one important area is improving its maturity especially on desktop and embedded platforms. In addition to fixing these for our customers, our efforts benefit the entire Qt ecosystem by contributing the error corrections and functional improvements also to the Qt Project.

    For more details on the topic, please visit our Blog:


    Tuukka Turunen
    Director, R&D
    Digia, Qt Commercial

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    Thanks a lot, Tuukka!

  • As a Qt developer using the LGPL'd desktop version, I really appreciate Digia's contributions to Qt Project. IMO, the more than necessary emphasis on mobile development does not reflect the current Qt landscape. It seems that mostly Digia's efforts will keep Qt4 in good shape until the time to switch to Qt5 comes probably next year with 5.1.

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