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N900 and QMediaPlayer

  • I got this bit of code that I run on a N900 with PR1.3 Qt4.7 Mobility 1.0.2

    QMediaPlayer *player = new QMediaPlayer;

    When I run it, this happends:

    bq. GStreamer; Unable to play - "file:ballhit.wav"

    I think that it may not find the file, I have tried many different methods of adding the wav file to my project, but none seems to work, I don't know what is the best approach.
    If i replace "ballhit.wav" with for example: "Http://", it works, no problem.
    But I can't load my sound files from the web, I want them on the device.

    Developing on windows with Qt Creator.

    Please help me :)

  • have you tried absolute path instead of relative? maybe your file is in wrong dir?

  • I don't know the absolute path, I hope this can work with the relative path so it will work on other platforms as well... Anyway, what will my absolute path be?

    I think I need some step by step guide here, cause I feel like I have tried it all.. :(

    Thank you for your replay :)

  • Then at first try to discover is this relative path valid (QFile or QFileInfo will help you).

  • Great tip, thank you :)

    I did this:
    QFileInfo fi;
    bool tst = fi.isFile();

    fi.isFile() returned false..

    What now?

  • Now you should investigate what relative path you should give for your file to find it. If you will provide more info about source of this file, how do you receive its name and other related things then it will be easier to help you.

  • Okay, I have done the following:

    In the same folder as i got ballhit.wav, and in i added this:

    OTHER_FILES += ballhit.wav

    target.path = $$DESTDIR
    target.files += ballhit.wav
    INSTALLS += target

    I have also added a build step: "make install"

    I have also included it on my resource file, but this does not seem to work(?)

  • As far as I know playing sound from resources is not supported, at least not with QSound.

    From the documentation:
    Note that QSound does not support resources. This might be fixed in a future Qt version.

  • for using files from resources you need to add ":/" or "qrc:/" to your filename. But not aware about playing sound from resources (simply never tried)

  • I know that QSound does not support resources, so I really didn't bother too much about the resources, but I did try to use :/ and qrc://, did not work..

  • I have found the path of the executable to be: "/usr/local/bin/" but there is no "ballhit.wav" in that dir.

  • I did a "find . -name "ballhit.wav"" with root and found nothing on the phone.
    So, the file has not been copied ?
    How can I ensure the file is copied and installed with the executable?

  • Problem solved!
    Solution: "":

    I hope Qt will find a better way to handle this...

  • Hello,
    And how to play the sound in loops ( indefinitly ) using QMediaPlayer as in QSound?
    Is it possible using QtMobility classes?

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