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Improved subversion plugin

  • Hi, I spent some time improving the subversion plugin in Qt Creator. The result can be downloaded( or some screenshots) from "":


    • Set a default SVN Repository in settings.
    • Possibility to add(import) a new project immediately to a svn repository.
    • Possibility to add(import) an existing project to a svn repository.
    • Default SVN Repository is pre-filled in when creating a new project from a subversion checkout.
    • Possibility to look for branches when creating a new project from a subversion checkout. The branches are actually just sub directories on the svn repository given that svn doesn't have a strict branching concept.

    Some feedback/remarks?

    Also I've noticed the "Qt Creator Plug in Contribution Guide" is removed from the wiki so I've no idea how to make the plugin noticeable, if it seems useful.

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    The most noticeable way would be to just contribute your changes back to Qt Creator itself: It will get you a place in all our hearts as well as the changes file:-)

    You can also put the plugin here:

  • Any idea how I can put it in the Qt_Creator_Plug-in_Gallery? Like I mentioned in my first post, the “Qt Creator Plug in Contribution Guide” is removed.

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    It is a wiki page, so just edit the page.

    The edit button is in the right bar in the wiki menu.

    I would really love to see your changes merged into Creator proper though. I think I have a bugreport open about importing into SVN... I love getting to fixes contributed;-)

  • Thx, I did not realize was a wiki page.

    I'll have a look how to get it merged with Qt Creator. It's my first contribution so it's all a bit new.

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    It is pretty straight forward. has the details. Check "Qt Contribution Guidelines" and "Contributing and Reviewing Code". There is lots of other information there. Feel free to ask in #qt-creator on, the mailing list or here in the forum if you have questions.

  • Recommended !
    I was surprised that the default subversion.dll didn't include basic functionality (ie. specifying the repository location).
    This plugin works as expected.
    Thank-you Bavo Van Gelt.

  • Glad to hear that it was useful. I was thinking to continue where I left off and finally contribute the changes back to the Qt Creator source.

  • Please, Do it! The default one doesn't even allow you to branch! keep up the good work!

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