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Less than one second Linux Qt boot demo

  • This "demo": on YouTube shows a QT application running on Linux which boots (to UI) in less than one second. Showing that QT can be used on fast booting devices with some modifications.

    The modifications required to achieve this was statically linking against uClibc, modifications to the flash filesystem and modifications to the the QT configuration file to remove un-used features. Also some clever use of GCC options were used to re-order the contents of the QT application to ensure it was contiguous in flash.

  • Impressing!

  • I would like to have one of those.

  • Great.

    But, for real life all features in Qt is desirable. (and a 0 to 5-7 seconds is a great boot time)

  • Easily achievable if you use a ROM with XIP, right? One of the challenges is getting it all on to RAM fast enough.

    Their demo is quite impressive with a 500MHz processor and 0.98s boot-to-image. There's obviously some trick with filesystem as it is almost 0s though.

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