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Python and Qt

  • Hi guys, I've been working with PyQt5 for 1 year, I have a little knowledge but every day I'm learning more and more about the library, I'm Brazilian, and here in my city we (Programmers) develop desktop commercial management systems. That is, register customers, register suppliers, items and mainly issue invoices. Some programmers use delphi, which is also good, to develop this type of system and as I am already familiar with python and Qt, I have already built some systems for registering and issuing Work Orders, nothing too big, and I I'm intending to build with PyQt5 an invoice issuing system whose acronym is NFCE, I noticed that in PyQt5 it has a sub-library called: "PyQt5.QtNfc". I assume with the existence of this sub-library it will offer me the possibility to issue an invoice, what do you recommend me?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    The QtNfc module is for using the NFC communication protocol so not related to your project I guess.

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