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Disable python warnings on Qt Creator

  • Is there any way to turn off Python warnings on Qt Creator?

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    Not like "specific warnings" like this one (I've already seen there is an unresolved post regarding this topic), I'd simply like to disable them all.

    I've tried turning off line annotations on annotation settings, but that doesn't turn off the line highlight, just the warning text.

    It's kind of annoying to code with this Jiminy Cricket highlighting things that have been made like that in purpose, hehe.

  • Edit: figured it out myself. I'll still drop the answer around here in case anyone has a similar issue and doesn't know how to solve it since, even though it has already been documented, you'd have to search for PyLS related problems and if you are here, chances are you don't even know what PyLS is.

    So, what you are looking for are settings related to the Python Language Server (PyLS), which is the dude in charge of python related warnings, annotations, text auto-completion, and so on.

    Ideally, it would be nice if we could turn off just "some" annotations, but even though Qt has a few settings related to language servers, it seems like there is no easy way to customize it according to your preferences, so you either take the full package (which includes pointless and annoying annotations), or just disable it completely even though it has some cool and useful features.

    Now, if you decide you want to disable it, there are two ways to do so. You can either completely get rid of your QtProject settings (in "%appdata%\QtProject) and restart the IDE, or you can do it the "proper way":

    Head to Tools > Options > Language Client (or Qt Creator > Preferences > Language Client > on macOS), and disable or delete the Python Language Server.

    Obviously, avoid setting it up again if QtCreator prompts it in the future.

    For more information regarding this topic, check out:

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